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Welcome to the Berkshire Mosaic,

the Multicultural BRIDGE Living History Project.

The Berkshire Mosaic book cover
The Berkshire Mosaic book cover

Recently in 2015, we published our first anthology, a collection of the writing that appeared in the Berkshire Eagle’s Berkshire Weeks section.

In 2012 Gwendolyn VanSant of Multicultural BRIDGE and Kate Abbott of the Berkshire Eagle partnered to create the On The BRIDGE column and companion blog with the purpose of introducing readers to the diversity of people and passions in the Berkshires – from youth to the elderly, new residents to veterans, including Polish, Italian, Indian, Jewish, Irish, Latino, and African Americans.  a BRIDGE Mosaic!

Multicultural BRIDGE is now publishing this work as an anthology by author Gwendolyn Hampton Vansant who has sourced these pieces for three years, and editor Nik Davies who has sewn together a beautiful work, which includes a learning guide by the author.

These are deeply touching stories of individuals and of families, stories that create the mosaic of the Berkshire Hills and also reflect the mosaic of our country.  In this anthology, a multicultural mindset allows for each culture to share its values, maintain its language and traditions as we all learn from one another.  Listening to another’s unique story connects us to our shared human experience, our humanity.

“In all of our fragmented pieces, some fuller than others, some shiny, some dulled over time, we make up an intricate piece of artwork.  We each are part of a larger whole.  This is what Berkshire Mosaic helps us remember and celebrate, ” says Mrs. VanSant.

These stories have been retold for us by a team of diverse writers, Kate Abbott, Elizabeth Blackshine, Siobhan Connally, Nik Davies, Kuukua Dzigbordi Yomekpe, JV Hampton-VanSant, Roberta McCulloch Dews, Jenn Smith, Emma Sanger Johnson and Margot Welch. Time and space were afforded to each individual to tell their own story-to shine their own light, to journey, to heal and to grow together through storytelling in community.

To purchase the book, please visit:
Berkshire Mosaic On Square Market

For more information about Multicultural BRIDGE, please visit the website.

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